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Our Lifecycle asset management model is designed to support your business needs throughtout the planning, sourcing, management, maintenance and refreshment of your workspace. Each element of this suite of services can be deliverd independently where required; however, our uniqueness lies in our ability to integrate these components into a coherent service package that complements or supplements your client’s business.


Manufacturer to ship, ship to shore, shore to warehouse, warehouse to site and installation. The opportunities for miscommunication, damage, loss, delay, downtime and overall customer dissatisfaction are legion. From order to install, we manage the process to minimize delay, distruption and cost. At MTM Workplace Services, we monitor and manage the process every step of the way keeping you informed and ensuring that your products are delivered and installed as cost-efficiently as we possibly can.

Procurement Support

Socially Responsible Solutions

Sourcing the right product is not always easy.  Increasingly, corporate social responsibility encourages  clients to look first at refurbishment/conversion and re-use and, if you are buying new, to source components locally. What’s the lead-time?  How important is speed-to-market? Maybe it’s tax advantageous to lease?  Can you re-sell your existing assets?  We can help by setting out and analyzing options for you.  

Project Services

Project Support

Office furniture isn't simple. Today, it has to do more. Even the simplest desk has technology running through it which makes it part of the space, not just something in it. Purchasing furniture depends upon a complex set of decisions about the way furniture meets business needs and how it works with the environment. That's why the process needs to be managed. Our Project Services bring common sense to workplace furniture. 


Planning, Marking and Installing

Planning and implementing the proper installation of your new furniture is every bit as important as selecting the right pieces for your office space. Nothing creates headaches faster for employees than improperly installed furniture systems.   The Installation Team at MTM Workplace Services can install just about any type of workplace product imaginable.  They are experts in furniture systems and can install either newly purchased products or existing pieces that you want to relocate. We can also handle tasks of any size with a flexible schedule to support your needs - from one station to many floors of furniture.  

Furniture Rental

Flexible Furniture Solutions…

You need furniture fast.  Is your business undergoing rapid expansion? Where are all those contractors going to sit?  Is your new furniture order delayed? (But, your work can’t wait…) Do you need to quickly furnish a site for a short-term project? MTM Workplace Services offers short-term solutions to support your furniture needs. For projects or temporary offices, our team can provide a variety of quality products immediately. We maintain an inventory, which includes workstations, conference room tables and carpet. 


Just in Time Deliveries, Short or Long Term Storage

You need to know that your products are stored safely and securely in a modern facility.  You need up-to-date accurate inventories available in real time.  For short term storage before a delivery or installation, for removal between moves, or for long term storage of surplus inventory. MTM provides a variety of warehousing services to satisfy any storage requirement.  Increasingly,  we store surplus inventory that customers would like to re-sell, or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.  Additionally, your systems furniture is efficiently stored, photo-inventoried and expertly managed, allowing trouble free churn, reconfigurations and maintenance.   

Furniture Audits

Asset Tracking…

Over time things move; people move, departments move, organizations move and furniture moves too.  The question is, did it move where you wanted it to?  When you want to reconfigure your space do you know what spare stock and components you have in store – and what condition they are in (and when did you last check that what you have in store is what you are paying for)?  MTM Workplace Services can: conduct a full furniture audit for you; create an up-to-date inventory; tag your furniture for future tracking for depreciation and insurance purposes; track your assets when they move; identify when your stock is obsolescent and give options for environmentally-friendly disposal and, sadly, identify when things have just plain gone missing.

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Re-sale, Furniture Brokerage

Re-sale Solutions…

… And, when you do need to change your furniture, we can facilitate the proper disposal and brokering of your out-of-date, worn-out and broken office furniture. Our in-house refurbishment and reuse program will help to sell your unwanted items on the open, pre-owned furniture market, and recycle what can't be sold  It's a simple, two-step process.  First, we gather the description and basic inventory of any standing or inventoried furniture. Second, we take pictures and distribute the information to the workspace community for resale. We can also provide dismantling, transportation and labour services as part of the sale. 

Repair, Refresh & Recycle

Waste Not, Want Not…

MTM Workplace Services is committed to doing its best to reduce, reuse and recycle. We want to empower our clients to do the same.  We have the capability to refurbish old, worn-out furniture making it look new again. And can offer our clients a wide range of repair, conversion and refurbishment services including: reupholstering and refinishing; modification of existing furniture, including changing work surface lengths and shapes; lowering partition heights and furniture touch-ups. With special attention to the use of environmentally-sound materials, our spray booths and water based spray materials are also compliant with current regulations.

Filing & Storage Consultancy

Because Paperless Offices Aren’t...

The first step in tackling a problem is to quantify the size of it.  At MTM Workplace Services we can undertake a full filing and storage audit for you; make an assessment of current operating structures and practices; note file media types and their spatial orientation within cabinets or on shelves; consider central versus local storage, archiving, off-site storage, record retrieval and establish ownership of all cabinet contents. We will also record all loose files and papers not stored in cabinets. This information is then synthesised, enabling us to report back on a global, departmental, team or individual level, as required. Our project report will recommend solutions to achieve a reduction in global hardcopy levels.

Smart Workplace Solutions

Bringing it all together…

With Planon, we can help you to manage the entire lifecycle of acquisition, implementation, management, removal, or sale of business assets. Any type of asset can be managed with Planon, including furnishings, systems, equipment, IT infrastructure, computers, software, and company vehicles.   Planon can do much more for you offering an integrated  real estate, workplace, maintenance and services solution that can help to improve productivity and reduce costs.

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We started by recycling paper, bottles and cans. Then we started to look at energy management, travel reduction, carbon emissions etc. But what about other areas that don't add value; removal and disposal of good furniture with many years of life remaining - and the reinstatement costs to return your vacated space to the same condition that it was in when you took over - so someone else can pay to do it all over again? Waste takes many forms. People, transport and material movement; poor ergonomics and, frankly, slip-shod management. Let us help you to look at your asset management strategy from a waste minimisation perspective to see how we can help you to make a difference.